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Jumpstart Your Business in 5 days

The COVID19 pandemic has seen business impacted by the crisis. Many industries like hospitality and aviation have furloughed their staff.

Together with WeWork Labs and Enterprise Singapore, this course can provide an introductory programme to help impacted individuals think about shifting their skills to a scalable business.

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Join me in this 1 hour webinar as we share with you the "Jumpstart your business in 5 days" course that is specially curated for budding entrepreneurs.

This hands-on and outcome-driven course will help you validate your business idea and guide you in starting up in a recession with an execution plan.

Key tenets of the course

● Industry-focused and community-connected learning

● Relevance to the current economic and social landscape

● Connected to relevant funding opportunities

● Hands-on with real-world outcomes

Course fee support by Skillsfuture Singapore, NTUC union training assistance programme and skillsfuture credits. Graduates may qualify for StartupSG Founder grant administered by WeWork Labs and Enterprise Singapore .

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